Yasmine Moideen, PhD, LP

About Me

My specialty is in child psychology and I have been in practice over 20 years. A child psychologist needs to have patience, insight, and the ability to intuit underlying fears and distress, because children are not always able to voice these concerns. In this way, a psychologist is a translator of the inner world of the child, someone who can create a bridge to a less chaotic and more joyful home life, school life, and social life.

I also love working with adults in individual therapy. The type of therapy I offer includes delving into one's history for the sake of gaining a better sense of self, but more importantly, to find more joy and meaning in your relationships and work. A particular area of interest is helping parents navigate the confusing and, sometimes, stormy world of parenting.

I am a doctoral level psychologist and earned my PhD in Clinical Child Psychology from DePaul University in Chicago (1995). I completed my clinical training at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. The settings I have worked in are varied and include hospitals, community mental health centers with outreach (north Minneapolis, Cabrini Green in Chicago, and in Cambridge, Mass.), schools, college counseling centers, and, most recently, in private practice (since 2005). 

My treatment approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy (assessing and changing environmental triggers and thoughts contributing to a problem), play therapy (using play as a medium for therapy), and family systems therapy (assessing and changing family dynamics).

My family consists of my husband, twin teens (boy/girl), and our cat. I was born in India and grew up in Queens, NY. I am a foodie who loves hole in the wall eateries and a warm bowl of ramen filled with perfectly cooked noodles and an underpoached egg. I play tennis as often as I can, with an ongoing goal of balancing speed, strategy, and fun.